Reflecting on the Iraqi Elections 2018

Elections season is always a hot season in Iraq, contenders old and new race for gaining the voters affection all in the name of bright future and change, usually without a clear plan on how to do so, how ever, there was always a sense of maybe, maybe this time it will be better…

This year elections is no different, old school boys and newcomers alike rose their slogans again. Many are old but there are remarkable new one too. This time many religious conservative islamist parties dropped their theological state slogans into a more liberal and civil state promises, a move that is a response to the demonstrations that occurred during the past 3 years demanding a clear civil state system rather than the hazy system ruling iraq now.

Yet, while some slogans changed faces mainly didn’t, and this caused many people feel resentful and hopeless regarding taking part in the upcoming elections, reflecting the low attendance ratio expected to happen tomorrow.

Who would Iraqis vote for?

From my humble experience following up on the previous elections I reached into the following subgroups of how Iraqis are expected to vote.

1- fixed voters: those who have fixed loyalties to certain political parties and movements, i.e Sadrists, Hakimis, Communists, PUK and PDK and some sunni parties.

2- power voters: those people would vote usually for charismatic personalities due to their being in power or responsibility now or before, i.e. Abadi, Abtan, Allawi, Maliki, Khalid al Obeidi and others.

3- loyalist to regional movements or agenda, Like those of Iran, Muslim brotherhood and Saudi Arabia. Examples like Alfatih and some Sunni parties.

4- Others, those would elect their tribal leader, family leader, a friend, a neighbor or even a good looking candidate regardless from any political faction they reside in.

So in my opinion, that who wants to take the largest votes should have a good mix of points 1,2 and 4.

Why boycott ?

Many people chose not to take part in this elections due to the feelings of resentment over the results of the last elections and how the votes are redistributed according to the MODIFIED Sainte-Laguë method. Saying that in the presence of the same electoral system there would be no change.

Personal opinion

I share many of the views of the boycotters, but I also I think the we had enough of the current rule of trilogy Shitte PM Sunni Parliament president and Kurdish Republic President. I would vote just to change this. I also think that any vote that push Iraq away from the regional afflictions is a good vote. and regarding corruption , I certainly wouldn’t choose a list with figures of grand theft charges. The Future I think Iraqis need to let go the old way of thinking and should start to think in a more serious and mature way to the issues facing their country future, I call for the establishment of new parties focusing on preserving the national resources, fighting climate change, establishment of new health and education system in order to make the real change.


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